Shipwrecked in Style 

G. Kero Spotlight 

G. Kero's pieces and drawings are originals, they are the creations of the artist Marguerite Bartherotte signed with her artist pseudonym "G. Kero". When you buy G. Kero you are not simply a customer or a consumer, you are a collector. Each piece is a numbered edition; the label includes the number of your piece, the total number of edited pieces and the year of edition.

Designed in France, printed in Italy and manufactured in Portugal by environmentally friendly workshops. All the drawings of the brand are created by the same artist, Marguerite Bartherotte alias "G. Kero" in her workshop in Cap-Ferret. The drawings are then printed on high quality materials by one of the best print houses in the world in Italy which also prints some of the most famous high fashion brands since the 50's such as Hermes, Chanel, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent. These materials are then sent to Portugal to be manufactured in environmentally friendly and human-scaled workshops. These workshops are exclusively family owned workshops manufacturing their creations with passion and love for their craft.

Since G.Kero was founded they donate about one hundred pieces to charities each year in order to raise funds to help the most needy. The company is proud to participate in the good deeds of the Arcat foundation, fighting against AIDS, Charitic Angels who raise funds for many humanitarian organizations among many others.

G. Kero is not just a brand, it's a project, written with drawings that come to life when you wear them. The words of this project are freedom, truth, harmony and beauty.